Unitarian Congregations of Greater Toronto

The Close Encounters Project was a major initiative of the Unitarian Congregations of Greater Toronto to promote growth by increasing the awareness of the congregations and of Unitarian*Universalism in general.

In 2003, representatives from the Toronto area Unitarian congregations met to discuss the ways in which they could better communicate who they are and what they have to offer to potential Unitarians*Universalists. They identified the need for increased focus in their growth activities, with an underlying need to clarify their image ("brand") and to develop selected high-quality promotional material.

The creative team at Fire Engine Inc. was hired to help the Unitarians of Greater Toronto:

• Create a clear and distinct visual identity system for U*Uism to enhance
communication and attract potential newcomers more effectively;
• and to develop key informational & promotional materials to support growth
activities both within and across the GTA congregations

Fire Engine Inc. provided strategic direction, brand identity development, overall design and production for a series of materials that included a Logo and tagline, Welcome kit, brochures, banner, flyers and stationary.

The subsequent images reflect the body of work created, designed and produced by Fire Engine for the Unitarian Congregations of Greater Toronto.

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