What makes a Fire Engine Mascot?

A mascot designed by Fire Engine Inc. is different because it’s designed with your strategic business goals and long-term investment in mind.

We don't “make you a costume." Your mascot should be more that just a character that shows up at parties and openings, although that can be an important aspect of what they do.

Great mascots are "Corporate Giants" of industry. They are a crucial member of your team, an ambassador for your company, representative of your products and services. They should be considered a hard-working and necessary “employee” of your company with real tasks to perform, real character and real goals to reach.

In terms of process, we initially meet with you to discuss and develop your vision for your mascot. We design several layouts to show you what is really possible - not just one or two ideas. We show you how the details are created. A great deal of time, commitment and strategy goes into every aspect of a mascot design so it will make a lasting impression on your target customers and the community.

Practically all mascot manufacturers are just that - they “manufacture” mascots with a factory mentality. At Fire Engine Inc., we feel that a mascot is an important part of your business strategy and marketing plan -- and it deserves to be designed right down to the last detail. The design of details is what your target audiences will notice. Details are what will set your character apart and leave that lasting impression you are striving for.

Your mascot needs to have its own details that make it special and memorable. Yes these details can cost extra, but they will also work hard for you. People remember the fun shoes or the cool hair or the special look a mascot has.

Would you send out an employee who does not dress professionally, has no sales experience, training or understanding of your business to sell for you? Of course not! The same holds true for your mascot. Through great design, we ensure your mascot looks his or her best, and will make a HUGE impression.

We can train your mascot staff to ensure that your character understands his or her important mandate and be prepared to “strutt his stuff” in a way that will get attention. It’s all about building real personality.

In addition to the mascot, a strong graphic image is also important. Just take a look at any Disney character for example. Each character – in addition to having a real mascot prototype – also has a full range of character graphics and logos to support the image. This is also another service that Fire Engine Inc. can offer you ... to bring your mascot to life through program materials such as clothing, colouring books, buttons, your website, on site signage.

The opportunities are endless.

So, what makes a Fire Engine mascot different?
• Our mascots are professionally designed by our team of designers, and
professionally built by a team of sculptors, painters and seamstresses who know
and understand mascots on the highest level, all art directed by Fire Engine Inc.
• Our mascots make grand entrances and leave lasting impressions.
• They are built to last.
• They work hard for our clients, reaping far greater returns on investment then
standard “costumes” sold by local manufacturers.
• Our mascots are HUG-able, memorable, effective and FUN!

Andrew Csafordi is a leading Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Mascot Designer and a Partner in the Fire Engine Inc. design studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information about Andrew Csafordi, Fire Engine Inc. or our Mascot Design services, e-mail: Info@fireengineinc.com.

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