Reprint Guidelines

Articles posted on this site are available free of charge by adhering to the following reprint guidelines.

Reprint Guidelines:

For full reprint one-time rights, please contact Andrew Csafordi and Fire Engine Inc via email by clicking here. We appreciate your interest and will reply to your message within 48 hours.

Andrew’s byline must be added to the end of each article along with his photo.
All clips must be forwarded to Andrew Csafordi, Fire Engine Inc., 4A Mimico Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, M8V 1R1

All reprint articles must give full credit to Andrew Csafordi, Fire Engine Inc. Customized articles may be created via live interview and/or published without byline (as ruled by your publication guidelines). To request customized articles, interviews or to receive first time rights for new articles please contact Andrew Csafordi via email by clicking here or call (416) 530-1951.


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