Why hire a professional designer?

IMAGE, IMAGE, IMAGE. If you want your business to be taken seriously, then you should invest in a professional designer who has the talent to create the right image for you.

A professional logo tells your brand story. It demonstrates that you are serious about doing business. It generates instant company recognition with your target customers.

With a professional logo, you should have a consistent image at all points of customer
and company contact. Your identity represents your business strategy. Are you all about today or yesterday? It helps build employee pride. Employees need to see and live your corporate culture. A professional logo sets the stage. Good design stands the test of time. It should still look up-to-date 10 years from now.

A professional logo sets you apart from your competitors. Where do you fit in?
Make sure you are setting your standards.

A corporate identity touches every part of a company’s image. People make instant judgments about a corporate image even before they connect with you and your company. What happens when you give someone your business card? If they are not raving about
it then there is a good chance that they are not raving about you or your product.

How much is your company worth to you? If you are serious about your company
then don't play around with a $99.00 image that someone whipped up for you.
Yes, a professional logo costs money. Your brand and image is an investment.
If you take your business seriously, so will everyone else.

Andrew Csafordi is a leading Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Mascot Designer and
a Partner in the Fire Engine Inc. design studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information about Andrew Csafordi, Fire Engine Inc. or our Brand Identity Design services, please visit www.fireengineinc.com or e-mail:



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